Thank you to the generous folks who have joined Gaelynn’s team on Patreon! Their monthly donations are making it possible for her to create new music, hire a team of assistants, and WRITE HER FIRST BOOK! Gaelynn is currently crafting a memoir about her touring adventures and thoughts on disability culture and arts accessibility.

Here’s the wonderful group of Patreon supporters so far:

Bartek Buczkowski, Elisa Collacott, Cecilia Cholst, Lauren Schrero, Jeremy Neander, Chris C., Madame Zabet, Kevin Luo, Sara Langbert, Patsy O Hutchison, Hanna Grunzke, Tom Matthews, Christopher Patnoe, Jim Schafhauser, Peggy White, Kristy Hawkins, Micheal J. Herman, Ankita Maheshwari, Jane Elias, Sarah Stepanovsky, Brian Larson, KC Turner, Jose A Saenz, John Kivett, Carolyn Taylor, Matt, Charlene Stone, Katy Bright, Dean Fredrickson, Athena Cooper, Melissa M Davis, Anna Pieper, Angel Woodhall, David Higgins, Ursula Mayr, Judith-Kate Friedman, Stephen Powell, Philip M Staurseth, Rachel Farris, Jabril, Jane Haubrich, Scribbles & Flapjacks, Anna Simmons, Chadalice Hagen, Lenka Bu, Kimberly Smith, Katie Malnor, Robyn Cage, Jordan Carrier, LividLipids, Ani Janzen, Stephen S. and Simon!!! 


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