Gaelynn is passionate about disability education and awareness-building through public speaking engagements. She gives informative, entertaining and thought-provoking presentations on a number of topics, including disability awareness, accessibility in the arts, finding inner freedom, and living an enriching life. Gaelynn Lea has been able to share her perspectives on The Moth Radio Hour, PBS NewsHour, On Being with Krista Tippett, and through two widely-viewed TEDx Talks.

Gaelynn Lea loves to incorporate speaking engagements into her musical touring schedule; she regularly presents at conferences, universities, hospitals, businesses, and music festivals. She uses her life experiences and haunting original songs as touchstones throughout her presentations. Gaelynn addresses her audiences with honesty, enthusiasm, humor, and power — she is a strong advocate in the disability community who boldly uses her voice to promote positive social change.

Listen to Gaelynn Lea’s story on Moth Radio Hour: Accessibility is the New Punk Rock


“Entertaining – informative – inspirational.”

“She is real. Not afraid to tackle tough issues.”

“Engaging, funny, very easy to listen to, eye-opening!”

“Candid, open story-telling. Kept my attention!”

“Riveting – and I am not easily riveted.”

“I was amazed at how beautiful the music was.”


Disability Awareness – Gaelynn shares her personal experience of living with a disability. She discusses the barriers still facing disabled people and highlights activism efforts that can help further the goal of equality for all. She reframes disability as a form of cultural diversity that can be celebrated.

Enrichment –  Gaelynn shares how she gained a greater sense of well-being and intrinsic value when she shifted her focus from making progress in the traditional sense to creating a more enriching life for herself and others.

Claiming Your Inner Freedom – Gaelynn shares how the intersection of sexuality and disability led to an epiphany that helped her to claim inner freedom. She then discusses how true inner freedom is available to everyone.

Accessibility in the Arts – Gaelynn shares her personal experience as a touring musician with a disability. She discusses why disability inclusion and representation in the arts are so important for social change, and then gives practical tips to promote better access for disabled artists from the ground up.