11952840_712220312217501_1494539427839162540_oGaelynn is excited about education and awareness-building through public speaking engagements; she addresses groups with honesty, enthusiasm, and humor. Gaelynn has a congenital disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bones Disease. In recent years, she has used her story as a platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote positive social change. She uses her life experiences and her music as touchstones throughout her presentations, integrating fiddle tunes into each event. She has been hired to address classrooms, conferences, staff training meetings, and corporate workshops.

tmp_24363-Screenshot_2016-03-01-04-07-15-1-627608805PUBLIC SPEAKING TOPICS:

  • Disability Awareness – Gaelynn shares her story of living with a disability and how it has impacted her life. She discusses disability awareness issues, emphasizing compassion and accessibility for all.
  • Overcoming Obstacles – Gaelynn shares about thriving despite her disability and overcoming obstacles in employment, relationships, and daily life. She talks about how to live with limitations in a way that still focuses on the positive and recognizes your potential.
  • Entrepreneurship – Gaelynn tells the story of how she decided to pursue self-employment, creating income while connecting with her passions. She gives practical tips on time management, social media, and marketing.
  • Authentic Living in a Hectic World –  Gaelynn shares about how she balances her values and passions with the demands of a busy world. She emphasizes the importance of rest, wellness, and relaxation.
  • The Importance of Music – Gaelynn talks about how music can be a healing tool and also how learning a new skill as an adult can be a great way to nurture yourself, inspire joy, and build confidence.


11953437_711759238930275_3791305340702340137_o“Entertaining – informative – inspirational.”

“She is real. Not afraid to tackle tough issues.”

“Engaging, funny, very easy to listen to, eye-opening!”

“Very interesting to see her life experiences and the barriers she went through.”

“Candid, open story-telling. Kept my attention!”

“She is a great speaker – very genuine; good use of her experiences and humor to educate people. Riveting – and I am not easily riveted.”

“I was amazed at how beautiful the music was.”

Please don’t hesitate to ask Gaelynn about potential public speaking opportunities; simply fill out the contact form below and she will respond to your request within two business days!