Rough Mixes are Back… Editing has Begun!

Jake Larson (with fellow sound engineer John Farrell) at the late-night portion of my wedding reception... already way back in December 2013!
Jake Larson (with fellow sound engineer John Farrell) at my late-night wedding reception / Black Eyed Snakes Concert!

Hello again! I wanted to post another quick update on the album project! Jake Larson (the recording engineer I worked with on Tuesday at Sacred Heart) is sure a speedy guy! I already have the rough cuts back, and they turned out really well… I am so excited about releasing this album! We still have to trim them down and cut out the weird noises in the background but they are amazingly close as-is… What a relief!

So it turns out I miscounted in my last post… on Tuesday we actually recorded 13 tracks, not 11! It was quite a blur; all I remember is playing for five hours straight! So I played 8 traditional fiddle tunes (a mix of Celtic, American, and Swedish melodies), 4 standard songs, and one original song. Only two songs had vocals – everything else was instrumental. My violin was live looped with my Memory Man pedal. I decided to forego additional tracking because I want this music to be as pure as possible. Sacred Heart was truly the perfect place to record all those violin layers – it’s a luscious-sounding room!

It’s so tempting to share the tracks with you early, but I am going to wait until they are mixed and mastered!

Since the recording only took one day, the album is going to be much cheaper than expected…. Woo-hoo! But I still have to pay for mixing, mastering, and printing the albums. That will be around $800 – $1,200 total (or approximately $2,200 if I want to do a vinyl pressing… but I doubt that will be in the budget right away). So please keep sharing this link with your friends, families, and neighbors! Your contributions are helping to make this project a reality… in fact, the donations I received so far totally covered Tuesday’s recording session! Thank you so much!!! You lovely supporters will be among the first to receive a complimentary CD as a token of my gratitude.

I cannot wait to share this music with you! Since the project is going so smoothly, I am pretty sure the album will be out before Christmas… I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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Gaelynn Lea is a musician and public speaker from Duluth, MN. She is passionate about disability advocacy, personal growth, and authentic living. She was the winner of NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest in March 2016.