Productive Recording Session at Sacred Heart

This afternoon was my first day in the studio, and I tried to make the most of the 5 hours I was there… All in all, I recorded 11 tracks with Jake Larson today at Sacred Heart Music Center! He was so easy to work with and he knew a ton. I was pretty nervous at first,  but eventually I was able relax a little and enjoy the beautiful space. I recorded about 8 traditional fiddle tunes (a mix of Celtic, American, and Swedish melodies) and three standard songs. I think almost all of them will make it on the final album.  He’s sending me the rough cuts later this week; I can’t wait to hear them! Now onto mixing, mastering, and printing!

2015-08-25 18.37.04

P.S. Your lovely donations paid for today’s recording session in full… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! So excited to share this music with you!  

P.P.S. If you want to make a contribution to help me finish the album (and reserve your own complimentary copy once it’s printed), you can do so here.

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